Your Excellency,

We address you in the name of Serbian students group on the occasion of the upcoming Republic of Srpska Day, which is celebrated on the 9th of January.

The Republic of Srpska Day was established by Law on Festivities in Republic of Srpska. Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional court decision declaring unconstitutional the celebration of the 9th of January, which represents foundation for mutual respect and survival of Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a direct violation of sovereign entity jurisdiction and imposes referendum as the only possible option.

We, the young generations, aware of the fact that future relations in the region depend on us and guided by European values of diversity and tolerance, believe that every nation has the right to cultivate its own culture, tradition and memorable events from its history, thus emphasizing willingness of Serbian people to cherish its cultural heritage and important historical events. Respecting the will of Serbian people is a precondition for the Republic of Srpska existence in current constitutional frame, but also a pillar of coexistence and peace with other nations and ethnic groups. Reverance for human rights and civil freedoms, as well as acceptance of responsibilities which the entities took upon themselves by ratifying the international treaty from Dayton, is a main condition for normal life of all nationalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If we consider Constitutional court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ruling from 2006. on unconstituionality of coat of arms and hymn of the Republic of Srpska we see this is not the first time freedoms and will of Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been undermined. Due to this fact we believe appreciation of Dayton Accord by the joint state institutions together with respect for entity competences of Republic of Srpska form key for stability  and foundational rights implementation.

In accordance with our intent we invite all relevant factors to respect the will of the Serbian people to continue celebrating and marking, with dignity, the establishment of the Republic of Srpska Day.


Serbian students from East Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Kosovska Mitrovica, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vienna, Podgorica, Niš, Bijeljina and others.


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